Planned Living Assistance Network of Central Texas, Inc.

Organizational Overview

Planned Living Assistance Network of Central Texas, Inc.
P. O. Box 4755
Austin, 78765

Mission Statement

Vision: We envision all people living mentally healthy lives.

Mission: PLAN offers an array of customized services designed to enhance the lives of individuals and families facing mental health challenges.

NEW GRANT Award in 2016!! ---Episcopal Health Foundation------to provide our full array of services to individuals needing customized and individualized services to help in their recovery and wellness from mental health challenges.

NEW, OPEN and at NO charge--- CARE GIVER Monthly Workshops /Group! ------
For Family members to learn more about PLANCTX services and various community resources for subjects including; financial payee, housing, special needs trusts, and to give support to one another.

1.City of Austin ongoing grant award----- to serve those referred from the Downtown Austin Community Court (DACC)-- to provide services in helping individuals who are not only challenged by mental illness, but are also involved in the court system, and often are homeless.
2. Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM) ongoing grant award----- to provide unique and customized services to individuals and their families who meet MHM low income criteria and are challenged by mental illness.
3. WRAP® Grant ( Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD )---- training sessions for those dealing with mental health issues who are interested in attending the training to learn ways to address physical, mental health and life challenges.

ALWAYS!---Providing individualized and customized services; including Care Management, Peer Support Services, Counseling, Socialization, and Wellness Training

Impact Statement

PLANCTX impacts the lives of individuals and families dealing with mental health issues, touching the lives of over 120 individuals and countless primary and extended family members last year. PLANCTX provides unique services to both the individual dealing with mental health challenges as well as the family, empowering them to recovery and improved health. Our services include care management, social and educational opportunities with peers and families also living with these same challenges as well as individual and family therapy, wellness classes, and support services.

Needs Statement

PLANCTX's funding is three prong--- from fees, grants, and donations. We offer cost sharing opportunities based on income for our services/support/classes through grants and donations. PLANCTX is raising funds through Amplify Austin to cover additional cost-sharing options for those unable to pay full fees.


"A PLANCTX member since 2013, I recommend their support services to anyone I have contact with that is seeking solutions and support. I have been primary caregiver for my family member since 2001 and finding the Plan was truly a lifesaver. I did not realize until seeking their assistance how burnt out I was. It was a rough start for my son, who was hospitalized at the beginning of this relationship. After years of masking, refusing assistance, sheltering himself and hiding his psychosis, the Plan was persistent in drawing him out of his home and getting him involved and active again. He has truly blossomed under his contact with their caregiving staff and Dr. Webb. There is a light in his eyes that I have not seen since his first breakdown all those years ago. The road to recovery is winding and not a straight line. They have persisted in following that path with him. Their personal involvement with his ups and downs have made a tremendous difference. If you met my son today you would not know how profound his illness has been, and I am hoping with their continued help in his life, he will always know, as he does now, he has one.
To The PLANCTX, Thank You."


"Last year, I was unexpectedly faced with helping a close family member with serious mental illness relocate to Austin and build a new life here. Having no experience with mental illness, I didn't know where to start - until I found PLAN of Central Texas. At my first meeting, Debbie Webb walked me through their processes which provide assistance to the family member with the mental illness, assistance to the family, and help with access to the various services available in the community. The folks at PLAN are knowledgeable, compassionate, accessible, professional and practical. I am grateful for their dedicated, loving care for my family member and for their guidance and patience in helping me and our family. I have recommended PLAN to many friends and colleagues who have mental illness in their families. Thank you, PLAN, for all you have done for us!"

"Thank you PLAN.... "Then there was: PLAN - God's Plan and then Planned Living Assistance Network….PLAN, where Sydney worked as a Peer Advisor. This was his saving grace, he found a place that he loved and he finally felt loved and accepted (He fit in) and in turn he supported those who were in the same situation he was….even in the last few weeks, he wanted his belongings given to those who are following in his footsteps, the less fortunate, the disabled…the Mentally Ill."

"I am not exaggerating when I say that PLAN's help has been a God- send to us. I no longer feel helpless and hopeless in regard to our family's ongoing life, and I instead see the future as a positive opportunity for creative change. I am deeply grateful for the amazingly productive help, guidance and caring inspiration of Debbie Webb (Executive Director) and Jackie Noel ( Care Manager) and for the healing I also received in the sharing and understanding of Betty ( another PLANCTX parent member) and others whom I have met through PLAN. I am more than grateful for your support and for PLANCTX and I know that in the knowledge, capability and commitment of PLANCTX's mission, there is a life changing power."

"As a Care Manager and Therapist for PLANCTX, I have a unique flexibility to truly meet my clients where they are. One client was resistant to engage with any medical, psychiatric or therapeutic services but had a chronic medical condition that, while not life threatening, needed attention. If addressed, his quality of life would greatly improve. I started small, with short visits to his home and found topics and activities that interested him, like hiking, reading and puzzles. Over the course of a few months, we slowly found ways to bring him out into the community through small excursions with me and other staff. His fears towards going to the doctor eased and now he is receiving regular medical care and treatment for his condition. We have also supported his parents in establishing a long term plan for him to continue to receive the support and services he needs as his parents age and after they pass away."

We love our volunteers!

We are currently looking for a Webmaster volunteer who could help us with various website updates we would like to make! Are you interested? If so, please contact Anita Garner at

We appreciate all our volunteers who help us in the office and with fund raising ideas and events!! Would you like to join in the support of our mission? If so, please call Debbie Webb at the PLANCTX office for more details- 512-851-0901. Thanks for your interest!!