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LOPE helps at-risk racehorses find second careers, while inspiring young people through horsemanship education. Our organization enables horses and people to learn from each other in meaningful ways.

LOPE's work with the horses is a "living classroom" for aspiring young veterinarians, horse trainers, equestrians and equine caregivers. We partner with education groups to provide vocational learning programs for teens/disadvantaged youth (and for the racehorses through rehabilitation & retraining).
In a virtuous circle, LOPE benefits both at-risk racehorses and deserving students as they teach each other though practical, purpose-driven work.

LOPE is accredited by the prestigious Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance. We have been featured in The New York Times, Today Show, CNN.com, Dallas Morning-News, Austin-American Statesman and Oprah magazine.

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IRS EIN: 73-1721579
Website: http://www.lopetx.org
Email: info@lopetx.org
Phone Number: 512-565-1824
Address: 901 Darden Hill Road
Driftwood, TX 78619
LOPE now specializes in "racing warriors" or "warhorses" (older racehorses who ran for many years). When their racing careers finally end, these horses have few options. Most equestrians prefer young, sound horses to retrain as prospects. A racing warrior is seen as more difficult to train for new disciplines -- plus they often have old sports injuries from their years at the track.

Racing warriors have unusual stories, regal bloodlines and admirable racing records. They give their all to the sport - and represent the best of athletic heart and grit. Every warhorse we've met has had a vibrant, intelligent personality -- true characters in every respect. They are excellent teachers and we have learned much from them over the years. Horses such as these deserve a second chance after the track - and the best care ever.

These horses need long-term rehab, education, foundation work and consistent handling to build the job skills that will give them a safe future. Changing the lives of at-risk racehorses takes time, patience and practical skills -- especially for warhorses with special needs.

We are honored to provide the racing warriors with the extra time they need for rest, rehabilitation and retraining. While they are at LOPE, the racing warriors help people via our education programs for teenage equestrians and at-risk youth. The warriors provide invaluable vocational training for aspiring veterinarians and horse industry professionals - as well as teaching practical horsemanship skills to teens, at-risk youth and veterans.

Impact Statement

Since opening in 2003, LOPE has transitioned over 1,200 racehorses into new homes and careers. In addition, LOPE has successfully launched several educational programs, including: the Starting Gate Program for Future Horsemanship Leaders; the First Step Workshop Series for at-risk and disadvantaged youth; the Racing Warrior Program for older, at-risk racehorses in need of long-term care; an educational partnership and scholarship program with the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians (AAEVT) and the LOPE "Academy" program to provide more extensive training to horses at the LOPE ranch. LOPE is accredited by the prestigious Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance. We have been featured in The New York Times, Today Show, CNN.com, Dallas Morning-News, Austin-American Statesman and Oprah magazine.

Needs Statement

The LOPE warhorses have special needs for long-term rehabilitation and retraining care. Our goal is to increase the number of horses who can come to LOPE (and then stay here for the extended care that they need).

In order to help more of these deserving horses, the Racing Warrior Rehab Facilities at LOPE are in need of renovation and expansion. Specifically, LOPE is raising funds to renovate our Rehab Facilities (barn, hay storage, turnout and retraining area) to provide fuller care to warhorses in need of surgery and other forms of intensive treatment for serious injuries.

The barn renovations would include upgrading the rehab barn stalls (therapeutic floor mats, cushioned footing, special windows and enhanced ventilation); improving the roof insulation (to prevent condensation and encourage airflow); andenhancing the stall pens (or "back patios") with upgraded fencing and sand footing.

The hay storage renovations would include expanding our hay storage building to provide more storage and better protection from rain/weather elements for specialized alfalfa bales that are needed for the racing warriors. The turnout and retraining area renovation would include additional fencing for our riding area, enhanced gate/equipment upgrades to our round pen corral and additional training equipment to assist in helping the racing warriors learn new job skills during their retraining time at LOPE.

The renovations for the Racing Warrior Rehab Facilities would allow us to provide significantly enhanced care to more racing warriors at LOPE. There is always a waiting list of these deserving horses to come to LOPE. Our biggest goal is bring that list down to zero - so that warhorses in need can come directly to LOPE when they need our help.

"Wooden Phone looks beautiful! He was always a sweetie in the barn. We're happy to see he is healthy and thriving and living the good life! Thank you for all you've done for him and all of the horses who you and LOPE have cared for over the years. You all are the unsung heroes of racing and we are grateful for all of the time, energy and love you dedicate to what you do. I dream one day the industry will have a system and logistics in place to take care of every single horse, as I know you do, too." -Jill Baffert (wife of Triple Crown winning race trainer Bob Baffert, the former race trainer of LOPE horse Wooden Phone)

"In the horse racing industry, there is no work more important than that done by Lynn Reardon. Through her nonprofit organization, LOPE,Reardon has rescued, rehabilitated, and retrained hundreds of former racehorses and found them loving, lasting homes. Her comprehensive, innovative, and exhaustive efforts have saved the lives of innumerable horses and fostered new partnerships between horse lovers and former racehorses. She is truly a hero."
-Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend and Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

"The Blanco River Academy seventh graders have been so honored to be able to participate with the LOPE Academy this year. The outdoor, off site experiential learning opportunities afforded through this partnership are many. The lessons include horsemanship, husbandry, medical, anatomy, natural environment, and most especially, animal behavior. All of these areas have direct application to the student's lives with regard to their own animals, of course, but are also very generalizable in their human interactions and experiences! Thank you, LOPE!!"
-Kristie Kimbell, Board President, Blanco River Academy

"I just wanted to send you an update and a couple of photos of Dontpokethecobra. He has NEVER met a stranger and wants to be everyone's BFF! He is so smart and willing. He has adjusted so well to his new lifestyle. He is so smart and I absolutely adore him! Thank you so much for acting on your passion and making a life out of loving these horses. We are going to do great things in our future!"
-DeeDee Hutcherson, Adopter of LOPE horse

"I'm very happy to report that Levi went on his first official trail ride and he was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better guy. We walked and trotted great! He stopped on a dime and trotted at a beautiful pace. He even wanted to lead on the trail. We rode about 4-5 miles. I'm so happy with my new partner. He is going to do amazing things. Well, he already does!"
-Jana Ely, Adopter of LOPE horse

"I can't say enough about about LOPE, Lynn, Suzanne, and the volunteers.
The adoption process for when I adopted R Memories, now known as Luna, was smooth and easy. What impressed me the most was their dedication to the horse. Their agenda is not to get another horse off the books to whomever, it is to ensure the horse and potential adopter are a perfect match so the horse as a forever home. Lynn is so good at match making.
As a clinic host for LOPE events, Lynn's attention to detail to horse and rider is amazing. The horses are drawn to her as she instructs the rider, as if the horse is listening. The clinics are great for the young or nervous horse, they are very laid back but packed with information!"
-Janet Ramirez, LOPE horse adopter and Clinic Host
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