Saint Louise House Helps Single Moms With Kids Overcome Homelessness.

Saint Louise House

Saint Louise House focuses exclusively on helping single mothers with children work to keep their family together and overcome homelessness. Through the unique SLH program, women and their children are building their capabilities, building their network of support, and building their self-esteem through a process that focuses on them using their strengths, goal setting for growth, and planning for success. They learn to believe in themselves, believe in their own futures, and believe in their own abilities. As a family, they become transformed, ready, willing, and able to leave Saint Louise House and move on to lead successful lives. The SLH program model is unique in the intensity of personal support it provides to its participants. The program changes the trajectory of the lives of homeless single mothers and their children, providing the opportunity to create a successful future through access to income based, deeply affordable housing combined with on-site and in-home support services that advance employability skills, financial competencies, health and education and parenting skills. As experts in their own lives, our Saint Louise House families are treated with dignity, respect and trust while being supported on their journey of change.

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