KMFA Classical 89.5

Amplify Day Goal: $15,000.00

Organizational Overview

KMFA Classical 89.5
3001 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas 78705

Mission Statement

Classical music inspires and restores the human spirit. KMFA handcrafts exceptional classical music experiences on-air, online, and in community.

KMFA offers 22 hours each weekday of exclusive classical music content, produced right here in Austin. We have dropped the use of an overnight syndicated feed in order to offer unique programming around the clock. Local shows include Classical Austin, Icons of Broadway with Mela Dailey, Pianoforte, KMFA by Request, and more.

We just launched a new online series. These articles, from our Story Seeker Natalie Zeldin, explore Austin musicians and groups that are "on the edge" between classical and...something else. She's interviewed a beat-box flutist, a contemporary percussionist group, and more. Look for "On the Edge" stories on

You can help classical music inspire a wider audience in your community with your support through Amplify Austin. Give during the 11 a.m. hour on March 9 and you can help KMFA earn an additional $1,000 prize, if we have the most individual donors during that hour.

Impact Statement

KMFA is an exceedingly rare format among the public radio landscape. Very few stations are all classical, 24 hours a day, like KMFA. Today, KMFA serves a more diverse audience with a wider range of programs and activities than ever before in its 48-year history. Our musical broadcasts enrich the lives of nearly 110,000 listeners every week. Additionally, our outreach programs strengthen community through service to underserved young people, high school and college students, senior citizens, and partnerships with performing arts organizations.

Needs Statement

Any gift is a generous gift! Now is the time to show your support!

• $15 provides 24 hours of streaming from
• $60 covers one day of electricity to run the transmitter
• $150 provides one day of nationally syndicated radio programs such as "From the Top," "Sunday Baroque," and "Performance Today"
• $200 provides one child a scholarship to the Kids Recording Kids Camp
• $400 is the cost of an upgraded professional CD player for our recording studio
• $500 buys a portable mixer for remote broadcasting
• $2000 is the cost of one Listen Local Broadcast

"KMFA keeps me sane in a crazy world." - Richard, KMFA Listener

"I've never found another classical station with such a varied repertoire. Many classical stations around the country stick mostly to light, safe, rather bland selections, but I hear music composed from the 1200s all the way to this year on KMFA all the time. I admire y'all's courage in playing classical music other stations wouldn't dare to touch. It's a unique quality and worth preserving!" - Zack, KMFA Listener

"I'm a camper at the Kids Recording Kids camp...I've had so much fun learning how to produce a radio show. Thank you for being a part of my musical journey!" - Lori, 2014 KRK Camper (Age 14)