Organizational Overview

KAZI 88.7 FM
8906 Wall Street.
Austin, Texas 78754

Mission Statement

Austin Community Radio, Inc. operating as KAZI 88.7 is the oldest community station in Austin for over 30 years. The station is a listener-supported, non-commercial community radio station, staffed almost entirely by volunteers who work together out of a sense of commitment and concern for our community.

KAZI has been serving the Austin area for many years. The station operates on the generosity of others and the business sponsorships that we receive from local businesses and government agencies that utilize services of KAZI. KAZI has a lot of old equipment and software that needs to be updated. The station could also benefit from donations to help with our general daily/monthly operating expenses.

Impact Statement

Although KAZI was launched with the aid of public funding, it currently survives entirely on donations from listeners and support from commercial sponsors. The station also receives monies from the City of Austin for the broadcast of the weekly City Council meeting.

KAZI remains a strong force in the Austin Community with its unique mix of RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Reggae, Zydeco, Talk, Community Information, Independent News and more… KAZI also takes pride in supporting and promoting local artists as well as national artists on small independent labels.

Needs Statement

KAZI operates solely on donations from listeners and support from commercial sponsors. Because of the economics times, our donations are down considerably. To operate and maintain the station, it takes a considerable amount of money. We have equipment located at the station that really needs to replace or upgraded. We also need to upgrade some of the software we use. Our biggest immediate need is to raise money to assist us in maintaining the day to day operation of the station. With the downturn in the economy, donations have drop substantially. Help us to be able to continue delivering quality, diverse programming.

For 33 years KAZI has been serving the Austin and surrounding communities. The station maintains a family atmosphere with a volunteer staff that loves what they do, which keeps the listening audiences always wanting more.