I Live Here, I Give Here

Amplify Day Goal: $10,000.00

Organizational Overview

I Live Here, I Give Here
1210 Rosewood
Austin, Texas 78702

Mission Statement

I Live Here, I Give Here is a community-focused organization with a goal to inspire people to give locally! Our mission is to cultivate the power of giving back through a unique set of products & services designed to connect Central Texas with the causes they care about. We do so through integrated & effective tools with proven impact, like AmplifyATX.Org & Amplify Austin Day.

In 2017, I Live Here, I Give Here is celebrating our 10 year anniversary and our 5th annual Amplify Austin Day campaign!

First of all, we are grateful that you are here - on the Amplify Austin website! We hope that you will take the time to "shop around" and explore the hundreds of hard-working nonprofits that are represented on this site.

We are working hard to ensure that Amplify Austin continues to make giving back to Central Texas nonprofits fun and impactful. We are expecting tens of thousands of donors to participate in Amplify Austin this year and we appreciate your efforts to improve the quality of life for all Central Texans.

Beyond Amplify Austin, be on the lookout for our other signature events: See Jane Give, Give Back Jack, Austin Involved Board Internship Program and The BIG Give. Also, check out our Community Needs Spotlight pieces in the Austin American-Statesman.

Say it with us, "I Live Here, I Give Here!" Giving back… it feels good!

Impact Statement

Amplify Austin Day
• $24.7 million raised over the past four years by Amplify Austin Day for hundreds of local organizations
• $783,700 in Incentive Funds & Prizes awarded to local nonprofits over four Amplify Austin Days
• In 2016, 29,412 individuals made 61,625 gifts in 24-hours
• 40% of Amplify Austin Day 2016 donations were made by new donors

See Jane Give & Give Back Jack
• 1,4000 attendees between ages of 22-35 who have been inspired to give back to the community
• 320 mentors & hosts who incorporate philanthropy into their daily lives led conversations on philanthropy
• 10 keynote speakers shared their personal experience with giving back

Board Internship Program
• Over 200% participant growth in the past year
• 83 participants from over 65 local businesses educated and prepared to serve on local nonprofit boards

Community Needs Spotlight
• 183,885 Austin American Statesman articles distributed
• 36 articles highlighting the needs of our community

KUT & KUTX Get Involved
• 600,000 Get Involved PSAs listeners
• 96 radio PSAs connecting local organizations with volunteers

The BIG Give
• $120,000 in unrestricted cash granted to local nonprofit organizations
• 14 nonprofits awarded for excelling in engaging their donors
• 8 BIG Givers honored
• 2,400 attendees

Needs Statement

Your gift to I Live Here, I Give Here changes lives in Central Texas by building the capacity of our nonprofit sector and by encouraging others to give as generously as you do.

$25 creates a new giver in Central Texas!

"University Federal Credit Union really believes in backing the home team, that's why we support I Live Here, I Give Here's Amplify Austin, its an incredible opportunity to help hundreds of local nonprofits who are working hard to make Central Texas a better place."

- Tony Budet, CEO -UFCU

"With I Live Here, I Give Here's help you are going to find a cause you are going to want to support right now & in the long term."

-Fred Cantu, KEYE TV

"In three short years, I Live Here, I Give Here has helped change the community's giving culture - & nonprofits are feeling the love."

-Austin American Statesman Editorial Board

"Amplify Austin allows donors to be a part of something massive with direct impact on their own community. The experience drives excitement about how one simple gift can be magnified by the power of group giving. People feel good about giving, those in need get help, everybody wins. This year's Amplify Austin will provide the equivalent of 40,000+ meals to folks who really need it."

-Dan Pruett, President and CEO -Meals on Wheels and More

"During this remarkable fundraiser, generous animal lovers came together and raised over $83,000 for the Animal Trustees of Austin! We are thrilled to tell you that 284 of these donors are brand new to our organization!"

-Missy McCullough, Executive Director - Animal Trustees of Austin

It [Amplify Austin] was a moment that future historians should note writing about the development of modern Austin. It's not a Capitol fire or a school desegregation order, but what Amplify Austin has in common with those events is that they test a city's character.

- Austin American Statesman Editorial, March 7, 2013
Amount: $1000
Sponsored By: Cindy and Greg Abell

Cindy and Greg Abell are providing a dollar for dollar match of gifts made to I Live Here, I Give Here on Amplify Austin Day up to $1,000.

Thanks for being a part of ATX

by Catherine Lucchesi

Imagine your most epic day in Austin!

Is it a hike on the trail or a dip in Barton Springs? Dinner with friends or a show at Antone's? All the things you see are supported by a complex infrastructure of nonprofits. 

So your epic day isn't just about you, but a wonderful network of people like you to make that day happen. Let's come together today to support the organizations that make every day in this community possible. Let's #AmplifyATX. 

With a donation of just $25 you can help support all of the orgs that make Austin a wonderful place to live and visit -

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Goal: $1,500.00


by TJ Turner

I Live Here I Give Here's mission is to cultivate the power of giving back. We strive to meet our community's needs by ensuring that the culture of giving back is embraced and celebrated throughout our region. We accomplish this through a unique set of products and services designed to meet every Central Texan exactly where they are with a special focus on new and emerging donors. We do so through integrated and effective tools with proven impact, like AmplifyATX.Org and Amplify Austin Day.
Over the past four years, Amplify Austin Day has raised over $24.7M for hundreds of local organizations. In 2016, 39 percent of the 616,625 Amplify Austin Day donations were first time gifts to nonprofit organizations. Together we raised $8.5M for over 600 Central Texas nonprofits. Beyond Amplify Austin, I Live Here, I Give Here offers a variety of unique programs all designed to make giving back accessible to all Central Texans.  
As an ILHIGH Board Member, I hope to raise operational funds so that we can continue to AmplifyATX and create new givers in Central Texas. Let's make our home a better place to live, work and play by supporting the causes we care about.

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Goal: $2,000.00