Hannah Knaup - Texas 4000 for Cancer

Texas 4000 for Cancer

I'm Hannah, a third year Petroleum Engineering student from Houston, Texas. I grew up in a home with my mom, dad, dog and last but not least, my older sister. They all have had a hand in molding me into the person I am today, and without them I would not be as ambitious, driven, or quirky.

I have had an affinity towards really bad boy bands that started from my first concert, The Jonas Brothers, back in elementary school. Since then, I have adopted a fish named dog, started a pancake club, and accidentally spent most of a day with a meatball stuck to me. But of all the things I've accomplished over the past 21 years, I'm most proud of being a member of Texas 4000. I can't wait to spread its mission across the country and make a solid step in the fight against cancer.

Thanks for taking the time to follow along this journey with me. Check back for updates.


Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Hannah Knaup

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