Organizational Overview

5804 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, Texas 78757-3124

Mission Statement

Cold Caps Assistance Projects (CCAPS) is a nonprofit organization, founded by a former cancer patient, whose purpose is to help chemotherapy patients use cold cap therapy to minimize hair loss through: educating medical professionals; raising awareness among providers and the public; providing grants to patients to subsidize cold caps; and providing support to patients in the use of cold caps.

HairToStay, a nonprofit headquartered in Austin, is offering a range of services to chemotherapy patients: from helping patients rent the scalp cooling equipment, to actually accompanying patients on trips to the hospital to assist in their use. Because the technology is not covered by most insurance carriers HairToStay provides grants to patients to cover most or all of the expenses related to use of scalp cooling therapy.

HairToStay also consults with medical professionals and cancer patients to understand scalp cooling therapy.

Impact Statement

CCAPS provides funding to cancer patients who want to keep their hair by equipping them with the latest cold cap technology and providing assistance including education regarding the use of cold caps, physical assistance with the caps themselves and one-on-one counseling.
CCAPS clients include those diagnosed with breast or other cancers facing chemotherapy known to cause alopecia. CCAPS' target audience includes medical professionals treating the above, hairdressers servicing the above and hair product companies.
CCAPS distributes Penguin Cold Caps through a distributorship (Cold Caps Texas), separate from the nonprofit, and has them on hand for quick delivery. CCAPS connects with the oncology community to increase awareness of cold cap therapy.

Needs Statement

• Funds raised by CCAPS will be used to create awareness that hair loss during chemotherapy can be prevented through the use of specialized cold caps, and second, to subsidize the cost of the cold cap treatment for patients.
• We need financial support to supplement the cost of Cold Caps for patients across the country.
• We also need companions to accompany some patients to each chemo session.
• We need volunteers to help distribute information and brochures to medical and hairdressing professionals.

Patsy Graham, the founder of HairToStay (formerly CCAPS), was a chemotherapy patient and cold caps user herself. "It's more than just keeping your hair, it's about not 'looking sick'."

Hair loss is a very visible sign of illness, particularly among women, and can be a very painful and emotional issue. Some are so averse to losing their hair that they actually refuse chemotherapy. The cancer patient, who is already dealing with many physical and emotional factors, cannot escape the fact for even one moment that he or she has cancer when the hair is lost.

"At a time when I was losing control of my body and my life, this was one way to take back power over my situation. I started CCAPS because I wanted to give other women and men that option and that power," says Patsy.
Speaking to chemo patients on the phone, accompanying them to chemo.