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Giving Austin Labor Support is an organization of dedicated volunteers who provide emotional, physical, and informational support to those who are under-supported through their birth experience in order to improve birth outcomes and empower women and families.

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Phone Number: 512-934-2171
Address: The Greater Austin Area
Austin, TX 78757
Giving Austin Labor Support is turning 10 years old! We started as a grassroots organization in 2008 when a group of women came together, creating a support network for people alone or under supported while having a baby.

Today, we have a network of over 65 volunteers that are able to provide companionship and support for those giving birth in Central Texas.

Over 315 families have received birth support. Moms who are alone, people who are displaced due to war or weather, moms who are without homes, young mothers, families in need. GALS is here.

GALS is providing support through three programs. 1.) On Call Program: volunteer labor support companions provide support to individuals who are actively in labor and are birthing alone or under-supported. Often it is the nurses who call and request our support! 2.) TCSO: a partnership between GALS and the Travis County Correctional Complex providing twice monthly support groups (and healthy snacks) to incarcerated pregnant women, as well as birth support as these mommas are alone in birth. 3.)Prenatal Program: support for families and individuals beginning in pregnancy, including birth and postpartum support.

Impact Statement

GALS volunteers work tirelessly to affect real, positive change in the Austin Community, both by improving birth outcomes and by allowing moms to feel more supported in birth. The women we serve come from a variety of backgrounds.We serve women anywhere they need us, including Seton, St. David's, birth centers and home births.

GALS believes that every woman has a right to be respected and supported in this life-changing transition to motherhood. Through receiving support during their childbirth experience, we believe women will have an increased belief and trust in themselves and their innate ability to mother, and it will be enough to change the culture of the community and create a measurable impact on the families of tomorrow.

With your help, we can serve more moms, more families, and create a better, more gentle world for our children.

Needs Statement

Consider giving $10 each month to honor our 10 years of service to Austin.

Consider a one time donation of $315- a dollar for every birth we have supported.

Other ways your money supports moms and families:

$20 provides fresh fruits and vegetables for the jail support group for incarcerated moms.
$50 pays for a GALS orientation for 10 new volunteers
$100 provides two families with on call birth support
$500 provides four families with prenatal, birth and postpartum support.

We welcome all donations with gratitude!
"Before today, we had never met Jess. She stepped in for another doula we hired when she couldn't be here. She was unbelievably helpful and supportive. Couldn't believe how helpful a stranger could be during such an intimate time."
-Mother who used GALS

"Dell was so attentive to this patient and incredibly helpful to me! She also helped advocate for the patient appropriately and became a great member of her health team."
-L&D Nurse

"She was informative and very kind and supportive. If she wasn't with me, I would've had a way harder time! I really appreciate her and the organization GALS. Thank y'all so much!!!"
-Mother who used GALS

"Jacquie was such a help for my patient. Her spouse was unable to be present at delivery and Jacquie stepped in beautifully to offer great support during labor, delivery and after. she was excellent to work with."
- Caitlan Baite, RN

"Frances played such a big part in the entire labor AND delivery process. She was present when the FOB was not at the bedside or emotionally present. Her constant support and respect was obvious. The patient won't forget how Frances made her feel. She was the family when there was none and never left the bedside and never complained. She was super helpful to me, the L+D nurse. Thanks Frances!"
-L&D Nurse

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Matching Funds Description

Aqua Life Water matches up to $1500 in honor of the amazing moms in their lives and loves the work GALS is doing!
Volunteer opportunities include becoming a volunteer labor support companion, answering our dispatch line, fundraising, administrative and outreach support.