The Future Fund (Sheila Smith)

Shadow Cats Rescue

Shadow Cats has been in the same location for over 20 years. Donations made to my page will be directed to the Future Fund to purchase property for our eventual new home. Shadow Cats has been saving for several years toward our Forever Home and while we may still be a couple years from that purchase, we must set goals, because a dream without goals is just a wish.

The work being done at Shadow Cats is one of the reasons I am as passionate about this organization's mission today as when it was founded in 1997 and why a permanent home for Shadow Cats is so important. The safety of future generations of at-risk cats is dependent on our ability to provide a home for them.

At Shadow Cats, we are often the last stop- the safety net- for those with serious illnesses or injuries, those old and infirm and those in the last months, weeks or days of life. We provide those in need of dignity and respite a safe place to make their final transition. We also give cats the opportunity to live and thrive through care and veterinary support.

We are their soft landing.

We love the community cats that we may never touch. We love the hospice cats who come into our care and know love until the end of their days. We love to see their cautious faces begin to soften and their gaze begin to relax. Trust is an amazing thing.

Would you please click on the Donate button at this link and pre-schedule a donation before March 1st and help us reach our goal - and then, will you tell a friend?

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Sheila Lindley Smith

Matching Fund

Amount: $1,000.00
Provider: The Small but Mighty Giving Fund
Details: Steve Okino, supporter and friend to cats everywhere, established "A Small but Mighty Giving Fund, a donor-advised charitable fund" to help cats all over the country and he has chosen Shadow Cats and this page to be the recipient of a Match offer for Amplify!
Every donation up to $1000, will be matched by Steve and the Small but Mighty Giving Fund.

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A Place To Be Safe, Home.

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Creator: Sheila Lindley Smith
Goal: $35,000.00
Matching: $1,000.00
Raised: $1,974.60