Foster Angels of Central Texas

Organizational Overview

Foster Angels of Central Texas
PO Box 152575
Austin, 78715

Mission Statement

To improve the lives of children in foster care, ensuring that each child has his or her basic needs met, and to provide life-enriching and life-enhancing experiences whenever possible.

Foster Angels believes foster children must be exposed to positive influences, activities, and experiences in order for them to flourish and reach their full potential. By helping them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, they are more likely to succeed.

Since inception in 2010, we have helped over 14,500 local foster children with basic needs assistance (beds, new clothing, and food) and provided life-enhancing & life-enriching experiences (summer camps, extra-circular activities, special occasions/celebrations, college support and more). Last, over the past year we have increased our support for youth aging out of the foster care system.

Our motto is, "If you change their thinking, you change their life". Our objective is to do just that, by improving their self-esteem and by showing them they have worth and value.

Impact Statement

Last year there were more than 7,500 confirmed reports of child abuse and neglect in Central Texas. Foster children did not choose a life of abandonment, abuse and neglect. They fell into unfortunate circumstances at no fault of their own. Foster Angels works directly with Child Protective Services caseworkers in 30 counties to meet the individual needs of children living the the foster care system.

Since our inception, we have provided support for more than 14,500 children in foster care in Central Texas!

Needs Statement

$25 will provide a child's school supplies
$50 will provide a child with hygiene products
$75 will give a child sports or dance lessons
$100 will provide a child new clothing
$250 will provide a brand new bed./bedding
$300 will pay for a tutoring session
$500 will pay for summer camp or a special school trip
$1,000 will provide a foster child financial assistance for college

"The absence of my parents in my life forced me to mature faster than most of my peers. Foster Angels gave me a sense of normalcy and the privilege to just be a kid. Something that I have never experienced before."
Gerald Dove, CareerPlug Scholar

"I have had the pleasure of working with Foster Angles this year and it is comforting to work with a group that is passionate about improving the lives of children in foster care. The vision and support that is pushed down from the Foster Angels' team is unmatched. I feel honored to have the ability to work alongside them to help our community."
John A. Hampton, President, Global Business Travel Association -Austin Chapter

"The resources Foster Angels provide our children and families have created numerous opportunities for caseworker to make a tangible difference with the families they serve. In many situation without the help of Foster Angels the families would have continued unmet needs and poverty related obstacles in caring for their children. Foster Angels supports families and assist caseworkers in a unique and truly beneficial way."
Judith Foster, BSW, CPS Specialist

"What I love about Foster Angels of Central Texas is that beyond just providing for the basic needs of children in foster care, we are able to provide the life-enhancing activities that so many of us take for granted. Many of these children have never had a real birthday party or been able to attend a summer camp-Foster Angels empowers them to have those life experiences and to create those memories that every child deserves."
Blair McBride, board member