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I have been rehabilitating wildlife for almost 11 years now, and the greatest effort in saving wild animals is feeding orphaned wild babies. These precious, helpless babies require special formula and nutritious food to grow into healthy adults so they can be released back to the wild. All Things Wild Rehabilitation buys formula from Fox Valley Animal Nutrition where it is made expressly to meet the nutritional needs of each species. Because it is so good, the formula is expensive. For example, one pound of powdered formula for baby cottontails, squirrels, and opossums costs $11.40 plus shipping. During a typical baby season, All Things Wild (ATW) rehabilitators will go through over 500 lbs of Fox Valley formula. Please help ATW buy nutritious formula for the baby wild animals.

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Details: I will match the first $100 donated to my campaign to help feed the wild baby animals.


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Please help ATW buy formula for the wild babies.
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