Organizational Overview

Fans of WCRAS
1855 SE Inner Loop
Georgetown, 78626

Mission Statement

Fans of Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is an integral part of WCRAS' lifesaving mission. We currently provide behavioral enrichment programs for adopted dogs and an assistance program for families who are experiencing financial troubles due to animal related expenses such as pet deposits or medical costs. We will also offer free training consults, both in the home and at the shelter, for those who need it. We focus on creating second chances for families who think their only solution is surrendering a pet to a shelter or simply abandoning them. Plus, as WCRAS' nonprofit advocacy group, we are always available to help them in times of need.

The Fans of Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is continuing to serve animals in need and their families. Plus, Fans has started the Rescue Readers program. They invite children of all ages to read to the animals of the shelter each Sunday. Fans has also aided the volunteer program of WCRAS by supplying additional training to new volunteers of the shelter!

Impact Statement

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) is the only shelter solely devoted to the animals of Hutto, Leander, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Williamson County - serving a population of approximately 450,000 citizens. Even though WCRAS is an open admission shelter taking in all stray and abandoned companion animals from five jurisdictions, with the help of the Fans of WCRAS, they have maintained a save rate of 90% or better for five years. This "No-Kill" status is not mandated, but has been maintained because the shelter and the Fans of WCRAS believe it is simply the right thing to do.

Needs Statement

Fans of Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is in need of financial assistance to aid families in need, shelter projects, and continued development. They are also in need of volunteers for their Rescue Readers program.

"Fans of WCRAS is integral to our life-saving mission at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. They have helped us reach out to the community, kept pets with their families through their training programs, and kept our shelter dogs healthy through enrichment programs. We are very grateful for their continued work and we are excited to see them grow." - Cheryl Schneider, Animal Services Director at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

"Everything that is done at the shelter to find these dogs their forever homes (walking/working dogs, outings, off-site adoptions, photos, write ups, postings, etc.) really makes a difference." Abby, shelter volunteer
Volunteers are needed to aid in programs such as the Rescue Readers. Every Sunday, children read to the animals of the shelter. We are in need of volunteers to organize and supervise this program.
Volunteers are also needed to help coordinate and organize events.