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Austin Tenants Council

I AmplifyATX because I support the Austin Tenants Council and the mission to educate the community about fair housing rights.

In 1999, I received an eviction notice. I was in disbelief, because I notified the landlord in writing that in thirty days, I was moving.

I didn't know about Austin Tenants Council, but I went to the eviction court.

I found out the landlord wanted me out immediately. He thought I was not moving fast enough. On a Friday evening, I found an eviction notice taped on my door.

When the court discovered I had moved, the case was dismissed. However, I have a permanent eviction record on my credit history. Every time I move, I have to get a letter of recommendation for a lease approval.

It's too late for the Austin Tenants Council to help me. So, as Chair of Resource Development, I'm asking for your $10 (or more) donation, to help Austin Tenants Council prevent the devastating effects of an eviction.

There might be other solutions, I know one solution is education about fair housing rights: #evictionPreventioneducation!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, David Jones


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I live for evictionPreventioneducation

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Goal: $500.00
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