Desperate Housecats

Friends of Austin Animal Center

Desperate Housecats are cats that need a little extra help getting adopted because of age, medical needs, or behavior issues. The Desperate Housecats program was created and is run by volunteers/fosters to help these cats find their forever homes.

Desperate Housecats is part of Friends of Austin Animal Center and we could use your support to help these special cats!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Lynn Frank

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Donated so far: Dean Cruse  |  jessica miller  |  David Loignon  |  Jesse Houghton  |  Rebecca L. Farrell  |  Michelle Hill  |  Cheri Ballew  |  Elizabeth Bach  |  DHC 2010 Samsara's Person  |  Julie Schneider  |  Teresa Mock  |  Kathryn Holleman   |  Jane Baxter Lynn  |  Sandy Frederick  |  Pam & Gary Gerritsen Donations scheduled so far: Emily and Victoria Avila
Creator: Lynn Frank
Goal: $3,000.00
Raised: $1,135.80