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Our mission is to provide a neutral, child friendly organization that facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation, prosecution, intervention, and treatment of child abuse.
Our vision is to facilitate the collaboration with agency professionals from Law Enforcement, Child Protection, Prosecution and Medical to assess and support abused children and their non-offending family members.

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Phone Number: 512-321-6161
Address: 1002 Chestnut St.
Bastrop, TX 78602
The Children's Advocacy Center seeks justice and hope for child victims of abuse, while also providing support for the protective family members.

Impact Statement

Forensic Interviews are provided to children who may have suffered or witnessed physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. Children can also be interviewed due to witnessing domestic violence and criminal activity. In 2017, the Children's Advocacy Center provided 376 Forensic Interviews for children. In addition, The Center also provided various services to other children referred by partner agencies, educated 4099 individuals on child abuse prevention and awareness and facilitated Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) exams for children who had been sexually abused. Our therapists provided 3,129 hours of counseling to children and their protective caregivers.
**What is a Forensic Interview? Forensic Interviewers are trained in gathering pertinent information from the children in a non-leading, non-biased, and sensitive manner.The Forensic Interview allows the children to tell what happened in a safe, "child-friendly," and private environment. The interview is recorded and becomes an important piece of evidence used throughout the investigation process.**

Needs Statement

$20 One week of nutritious snacks and drinks for children that are hungry while waiting
$25 One hour of intern provided therapy
$50 Recognizing and Reporting training for a group
$60 One hour of trauma-informed therapy by a licensed therapist
$100 Art supplies for play therapy for one month
$200 Therapeutic toys for play therapy
$720 Individual Nurturing Parenting Training
$1200 Six months of trauma-informed therapy for an abused child
*I am so very thankful for the support and guidance from the CAC, which helped me build a stable environment for my children.
*After this traumatic event, CAC counseling taught us to come together as a family and keep our communication open.
* I'm so grateful to the CAC and everyone involved in helping my family be happy and healthy and continue to grow together making good choices!
* I would describe services at the CAC as a blessing. CAC can help bring families closer together.
* At first it was overwhelming and scary, but as time went on, and we got used to all of this, it became easier to come and participate. I will miss my counselor and the overall feeling of care and concern when I am done with therapy at the CAC.
Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Family Care Volunteer (FCV)
Family Care Volunteers welcome clients and their non-offending family embers tot he Center and provide supervision for clients in a fun, child-friendly playroom setting. They appropriately interact with families to provide comfort and support while maintaining client confidentiality. FCV also provide supervision for clients while their caregiver attends counseling sessions. Orientation and training is required. FCV opportunities are available as needed during the week between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM.
Administrative Team
Administrative Team members assist with general office duties, such as filing, copying, answering telephones, assisting visitors, and other various office duties. Orientation and training is required. Administrative Team opportunities are available during the week between the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Scheduled shifts of 2-4 hours weekly or bi-weekly are most beneficial to the Center.
Outreach Volunteer
Outreach Volunteers represent the Center in a variety of ways within our three county area. This includes sharing child abuse prevention materials at health fairs and other family events, distributing materials to organizations and churches within your area, and assisting in planning and organizing community events to raise awareness of child abuse. Outreach Volunteers are also involved in a variety of prevention projects, such as writing newspaper articles or preparing and distributing flyers/literature to doctor's offices, businesses, and schools. Outreach Volunteers are encouraged to seek opportunities for the Center to be represented and participate at events in their local communities. Events and projects may include wish list drives, fairs, parades, and fundraising opportunities.