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Championship Hearts Foundation wants to lead the nation in cost effective heart screenings for athletes through scientific research, community and professional education, and outreach and advocacy for making participation in sports safe.

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IRS EIN: 74-2938750
Phone Number: 512-900-3243
Address: P.O. Box 141292
Austin, TX 78714-1292
With over 100,000 high school students in the Central Texas region each year, the need for FREE student heart screenings is ongoing! You can make a difference in saving precious lives now with a minimal gift of just $25. Help us reveal hidden and potentially deadly heart conditions in our active youth and get help before tragedy strikes!

Funding for the Texas Adolescent Athlete Heart Screening Registry project will help our researchers refine heart screening models to be more effective and reduce the number of false positive findings. Additional feedback from a forum of community members and medical experts is helping improve our screening experiences for students and their accompanying parents.

Impact Statement

Championship Hearts provides free heart screenings to young athletes ages 14-18 in friendly community environments such as neighborhood clinics, schools, and hospitals. Primarily a screening to detect Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), the process identifies students with heart abnormalities and refers them for further cardiology evaluation, saving the lives of many. Sometimes additional family members are alerted to possible cardiology concerns as a result of the initial student screening!

Did you know 1 in 250 youth have a condition known to cause sudden cardiac death? Your donation will help us identify those teens before tragedy strikes!

Needs Statement

Your donation will help ensure we continue to provide FREE heart screenings for active Texas youth.
"Our son, was 14 years old when he collapsed on the baseball field due to his heart stopping! He was a high level athlete and never had any symptoms that would make us think anything was wrong. Two weeks prior to his collapse, he had passed his physical to play high school football. We were so fortunate his coach knew CPR and that God was watching over him that day. He survived; it was a true miracle given the fact there is less than a 10% survival rate when a student goes into cardiac arrest due to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This is why it is so important to screen for this silent killer! Championship Hearts provides this life saving service to the community. By identify athletes at risk, they not only save the athlete's life, they also save parents from realizing their worst nightmare, the loss of a child. We can't stress enough the importance of the screening to identify at risk athletes. In the United States the test is not required for student athletes to participate in sports, which is unimaginable. However, many European Countries require their student athletes to be screened prior to participating in sports. Given the fact that 1 in 500 students suffer from this disease, there are a large number of potential fatalities that could be prevented. Greater efforts need to be made to protect our most valuable assets, our children, and the screenings conducted by Championship Hearts are a major step in the right direction.
We truly believe one reason our son is still alive is to help save the lives of others. He is 21 years old now and continues to volunteer with Championship Hearts as well as encouraging and supporting students to be tested. He was once asked if he misses playing baseball and his answer was, "yes, but the alternative is not any fun so I choose life".
Adult and high school student volunteers are welcome to lend a hand at our heart screening events. Sign up through the volunteer link at for current opportunities.