Capital Area Crime Stoppers

Organizational Overview

Capital Area Crime Stoppers
P.O. Box 5841
Austin, 78763

Mission Statement

The mission of Capital Area Crime Stoppers is to assist local law enforcement in the fight against crime in Austin and Travis County.

This year Crime Stoppers is celebrating almost 38 years of fighting crime in Austin. Thousands of arrests have been made and hundreds of criminals taken off the street thanks to Crime Stoppers tips. As the population continues to boom, law enforcement needs everyone to do their part to keep our neighborhoods safer.

Impact Statement

Crime Stoppers is our community in partnership with police and media to help stop, solve and prevent crime. Thanks to citizens, the media and law enforcement, for 37 years Capital Area Crime Stoppers has provided a safe and anonymous way to fight crime. Crime Stoppers tips has led to over 11,000 crimes being solved and millions of dollars worth of stolen property and illegal narcotics recovered. Dangerous criminals, and weapons, are taken off the street every day thanks to Crime Stoppers. Everyday a felony is solved because of Crime Stoppers tips. One a day. Every day. Crime Stoppers tips has led to over 6,000 arrests. It not only solves crimes but prevents crime by getting dangerous criminals off our streets.

Needs Statement

Crime Stoppers needs the public to do their part in making their community safer. Make a tax-deductible investment in your community today. Crime Stoppers is funded by individual and corporate donations. All money raised here, stays here to pay rewards and operate our programs.

"the community is the greatest force multiplier for law enforcement" - Chief Art Acevedo

"If it hadn't been for Crime Stoppers tips , our son's killer might have gotten away with it."

"giving to Crime Stoppers is a great way to do my part for my neighborhood"