Big Medium

Amplify Day Goal: $10,000.00

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Jordan Gentry

by Jordan Gentry

Join me in supporting the artists who make Austin unique. Your donation to Big Medium will provide opportunities to artists and allow easier access to art.

Big Medium was born out of, and continues to run on, the passion of a few. Big Medium has thrived because of the generosity of many, like you.

I'm so grateful to be involved with an organization that not only furthers the arts in Austin, but also sets an amazing example of how collaboration and generosity can accomplish great things.

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Goal: $250.00

Jana Swec and Shea Little

by Shea Little

Big Medium is a part of our family, it may play 4th fiddle, but it is essential to our ensemble and we hope you will help us continue to support artists and ensure art is an integral part of our world.

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Goal: $1,000.00