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3 Day Startup

3 Day Startup programs have shown that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is through the experience of starting real companies. Students who participate in 3DS gain skills and confidence to create valuable products and services, and the businesses of tomorrow. They become better leaders, better team members, and better citizens who work hard to solve problems in their community. I continue to support 3DS, and I hope you will donate to give the transformational experience to as many students as possible.

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Amount: $250.00
Provider: Personal
Details: I will match the first $250 contributed by my friends and colleagues.


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As I meet 3DS alumni from around the world, they consistently tell me how participating in a 3DS program changed the trajectory of their lives. That it has been the single deepest, most impactful education experience they have ever had. 3DS is driving a
Donated so far:       Bart Bohn  |  Hesam Panahi
Goal: $1,000.00
Match Amount: $250.00
Raised: $301.50