Central Texas Feline Rescue

My name is Balto, I am a 15 year old Australian Shepherd mixture.
I want you to help my Mom raise money for the kitties. She works very hard to keep them from having more kittens. I have met about 100 cats and kittens in my life that have passed thru our house on their way to a new home. Once, I put my paw on one of the kitties to make it stop running around under my feet. It's pretty cool all the kitties coming from the street and I got to help my Mom take care of them and get them ready to go to their brand new home. Not a bad life for being found on the streets myself as a 3 month puppy at a busy intersection with a choke chain and chewed rope around my neck. I know what rescue is all about and without people like my Mom where would they be?
I am also the trapping Mascot yeah that's me. We have fixed over 1500 cats through the years. I make sure everyone is safe especially if we are in a not nice so nice neighborhood or in the country where there are bears. I have never ever missed a trapping expedition. I guard the cats while my Mom and the other nice people get more cats to spay and neuter, sometimes is a long night but someone has to do it.

Hey if you would support Central Texas Feline Rescue we could continue rescuing kitties and I can continue my Tuesday night car rides.
Please help us, help the kitties.

With much love and appreciation.
AKA Mr. Adorable

P.S. Central Texas Feline Rescue has no paid staff every $ goes directly to the cats. The money is used for food, vet care, supplies and equipment such as feeding stations, shelters.

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In memory of Bison
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