Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area

Organizational Overview

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area
5407 N. IH 35, Suite 400
Austin, Texas 78723

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Austin's leading youth development agency, helping more than 12,000 kids in the Austin area becoming productive, responsible, caring citizens.

Your support for Boys & Girls Clubs is more than charity. It is an investment in our most precious natural resource - our kids.

• 98% of Club members graduated on time , compared to 89% of their nonmember peers.
• 86 cents out of every dollar invested goes directly to programs and services for our kids.
• 57% of Boys & Girls Clubs alumni say "The Club saved my life."

Impact Statement

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area has had a profound impact on kids for 50 years, and we have a BIG, BOLD and AGGRESSIVE plans to continue for many, many more years. Your support of The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area, programs and the kids we serve, guarantees a return on your investment like no other.

The impact of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area is VITAL to the development and future of kids today. Our 12,000+ members in 28 Clubs have higher school attendance, better grades and less disciplinary referrals than their peers. Further, 99% of Club member seniors graduated from high school in 2015 compared to 86.3% of their nonmember peers. For each graduating class, research shows an economic impact of $12,467,000 in lifetime earnings. Not to mention the social benefits of becoming caring citizens who strive to make their communities better.

With more than 80,000 Austin Area kids living in poverty, it is imperative that the Boys & Girls Clubs continues to grow and reach more kids, more often - ensuring that every kid that walks through our doors is guided to a path to a Great Future.

Needs Statement

$10=After school snacks for one Club Kid for a week

$25=Paintbrushes for an entire Club to participate in Fine Art activities

$50=Food and supplies to host a Family Night for an entire Club

$100=Food and supplies to host #WeOwnFriday" Teen Night for 40 kids

"I've been involved with organizations that impact a large number of people in a modest way, and I've been involved with organizations that impact a small number of people in a profound way. I've never seen an organization that impacts more people in a more profound way than the Boys & Girls Clubs."
Terrell Gates, Virtus Real Estate (BGCAA Chief Volunteer Officer and Board President)

"To me, the Club means three things: the exploration of new avenues, involvement, and escape from family drama. The Club has given me a gift. It has made me realize that I like physical activities and interactive tasks. If a person doesn't have a firm grasp on what they like to do, then how can they ever choose a career that brings them fulfillment? The Club is my second family. Being a part of anything is a way to fight exclusion and the dreaded effects of feeling lonely. The Club is a form of escapism. Every family has their problems. Exploration in Clubs has led me to exploration of the world."
Jessie Ross, 2014 Youth of the Year

"When I got custody of my grandchildren, I prayed that the Lord would allow them to have the finer things in life. I enrolled them in a school near my job which also had a great after school program. The after school program was quite expensive, but it did not matter. I wanted what I thought was the best. Well, CPS cut off my child care benefits because my youngest was now in the first grade. After learning CPS would not pay for after care, I went to the after school program to see what would be my out of pocket expense. To my surprise, the cost for three kids to attend their program was more than my rent. I thought to myself, 'I cannot afford this...what I'm I going to do?' I needed to find after school care for my kids that cost very little or was even free.

I called around to a few places and all spots were full. I finally found one place that had openings in East Austin, The Boys and Girls Club. My initial thought was that this place was for hooligans and gangsters. Knowing that it is in the middle of the projects, I went back on my knees and talked to the Lord. In the back of my mind I kept saying 'I wanted the best of everything for my grandkids.'

With no other option, I went to check out the club and completed paperwork. I was impressed and liked the staff right off. Mr. Arthur and his staff is very professional, and polite. The kids were able to start and after being there a bit, the kids enjoy going to the center.

As the weeks go by, I continue to see the impact the center has on my grandkids. Everyday, volunteers from AmeriCorps help them with their homework. The center provides a hot dinner each evening at 5:30, which means a lot to me. The center also taught the kids about gardening, they taught the kids how to fix their bikes and gave each child a new bike. There are times the kids come home with tickets for special events around town. Typically kids spend alot of time on electronic devices after they get out of school, but not here, the kids do a lot of activities. They keep the kids moving.

One evening I had a problem with my car and was late getting to the center. They assured me everything was ok. They even told me to take my time. I really felt bad. When I finally arrived, I learned that we were named 'family of the month.'

Later that evening I thought God answered my prayer, just not the way I wanted it answered. God is the creator of everything and his creations are good. There is a trustworthy, respectable, and good center in the middle of the projects in East Austin, The Boys and Girls Club."
-Gennell Shuler, Grandparent

Volunteers play a vital role in transforming the lives of our Club members. Just a few hours a week can have a tremendous impact on a child's life. Our Club offer opportunities for adults to work directly with youth as homework helpers and tutors, activities assistants, and offering college preparation support. We also welcome groups and organizations seeking one-day, project-based volunteer opportunities. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to help within a Club.
Please contact Cristina Chavez for Volunteer information,
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by Paige Kriegel

Please join me in "Amplifying Great Futures" in support of empowering kids to achieve great futures. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area is Austin's leading youth development agency, helping 12,000 kids in the Austin Area reach their full potential and become productive, responsible, and caring citizens. Boys & Girls Clubs ensure that every child and teen has access to a safe place after school and during the summer where they can build the knowledge, skills and behaviors to put them on the path for success.

Your support of Boys & Girls Clubs helps our kids go farther. And when you make your donation through Amplify Austin, thanks to a matching grant from St. David's Foundation, you can make your dollars go farther too. Schedule your donation for March 2-3, and your dollars will be amplified throughout the day.

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