Austin Partners in Education

Organizational Overview

Austin Partners in Education
P.O. Box 6118
Austin, 78762

Mission Statement

Austin Partners In Education (APIE) works to improve student college and career readiness and expand STEM opportunities through community engagement.

Did you know that less than 50% of Central Texas graduates are prepared for college and that deficits in literacy and math are among the leading factors driving high dropout rates? Austin Partners in Education helps narrow the achievement gap by placing tutors, volunteers, and mentors at schools in under-resourced communities to deliver innovative, high-engagement learning support in reading, writing, and math.

Impact Statement

Since 2004, Austin Partners In Education (APIE) has partnered with the Austin Independent School District (ISD) and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce to deliver best-practice, scalable, and results-driven learning models for math, mentoring, career exploration, and college readiness to economically disadvantaged students in Austin ISD's under-resourced communities.

APIE utilizes stakeholders in the Austin community to help close the achievement gap created by income inequality and address the need for an educated workforce, ultimately providing pathways to socio-economic well-being. Our programs support student success and add to the quality and capacity of Austin ISD schools. Each year, we recruit, organize, and train approximately 1,500 volunteers to work regularly, during the school day, with over 2,000 Austin ISD students through the following programs:

-- College Readiness provides academic tutoring/mentoring to Austin ISD high school students, helping them meet Texas state-mandated college readiness standards, and thereby removing the discouraging barrier of taking costly, non-credit remedial classes that too many at-risk, minority, low-income and first-generation students face when they begin their post-secondary education.

-- Math Classroom Coaching provides academic support for middle school students in math by training and deploying hundreds of community volunteers who go into the classroom during the school day to work with students each week.

-- In the Mentoring program, volunteers meet one-on-one with students weekly, serving as positive role models and providing support by building relationships.

-- We are also piloting a new program, Career Conversations, where we bring in dynamic STEM professionals to talk with middle school students about their careers, helping students connect-the-dots to the education they will need to attain a STEM career and break the cycle of poverty.

-- APIE also provides background checks for all volunteers at all Austin ISD schools.

Together, APIE's innovative programs occur at critical steps in a student's path to graduating high school, matriculating in college, and finding a rewarding, financially-stable career.

Needs Statement

Here's how your gift will support our academic programs in Austin ISD schools:

$30.00 gives two background checks to school volunteers.
$50.00 gives a year's worth of hands-on activities for a class of Math Classroom Coaching.
$100.00 gives a training session to one group of community volunteers.
$250.00 gives a year of mentoring for an Austin student.
$500.00 gives one year of Math Classroom Coaching to an 8th grader.
$1,000.00 gives one year of College Readiness support for a high school student.

"My seniors found out that college is a real possibility for them. A lot of them thought they would just graduate and keep working at the mall. A lot of them did not have any emotional or academic support. I found myself sincerely being an advocate for them. Once they were able to see that college is an attainable goal, they were very excited about their future. They found hope and meaning to their life after high school."
- APIE College Readiness Advocate

"I'm going to miss you so much, Yaritza. You were like a big sister to me. I wish you could be in high school next year with me, because we would have so much fun. But you're going to be working hard to finish college and get a career that you really want, and I'll be in school showing all my math [skills] that you and Ms. Hernandez showed me … You helped me learn that I have to take my time and show my work, so if I mess up I'll know what I did wrong … You also taught me to be confident with my work, because I'm not always going to get it right/wrong … I passed my math and reading [test] in my first try thanks to you and my awesome teachers."
- 8th grade math student in APIE's Math Classroom Coaching program
Mentoring at all Austin ISD schools and Eighth Grade Math Classroom Coaching at 5 AISD middle schools.