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Our mission is to end the cycle of homeless animals by saving dogs from Central Texas Shelters that have no hope of a better life, encouraging our community to spay and neuter their pets, and providing education and resources to help pets live a long and healthy life. Austin Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer foster home based 501c3 non-profit.

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IRS EIN: 61-1535055
Phone Number: 512-751-8047
Address: 402 Turley Drive
Manchaca, TX 78652
2017 was a great year at Austin Dog Rescue! We continued to rescue dogs in need from ten shelters in and around Austin. Last year, 135 dogs found new, loving families through our foster program. We continued to take in the dogs that needed the most help and provided them with the best medical care and a nurturing foster home. As a hardworking, all volunteer organization, less than 4% of the money raised last year went to administrative costs. When you give to Austin Dog Rescue, you give directly to the dogs. This year, we hope to advance our mission to nurture and aid in the healing of sick, injured, and scared dogs and place them in a loving forever home. This includes our work to save dogs from euthanasia lists and foster them to become therapy dogs, support dogs for veterans with PTSD, spokesdogs for misunderstood breeds, and the best family pets they can be. We also hope to expand our efforts to support community members who need assistance in keeping their beloved pet at home, where they belong, and out of the shelter system. Through your generosity last year, ADR raised over $15,000 in donations for Amplify Austin. Please, help us meet our $25,000 goal this year so that we can do even more for the dogs that need us most.

Impact Statement

As Austin's largest foster based mixed-breed rescue, Austin Dog Rescue has saved almost 2000 lives since 2006. We are 100% volunteer based. We are contacted by shelters for dogs that are in danger of euthanasia because of medical emergencies or conditions. We need your help so we can say yes whenever the need occurs. Typical medical cases we fund are orthopedic surgeries, heartworm treatment, mange, emaciation - all conditions that will land a dog on a euthanasia list in an overcrowded and/or underfunded shelter. We do not receive any public or foundation money and rely on donations.

Needs Statement

Austin Dog Rescue is a 100% all volunteer organization, so you know exactly where your money goes... TO THE DOGS.

$25 = every pet receives a veterinary exam when they leave the shelter

$75 = every dog is spayed or neutered before adoption

$150 = enough funds to fully vet a dog which includes all of the vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, a microchip, and all healthy pet tests

$450 = many shelter dogs in Texas have heartworm disease and that makes it hard for them to get adopted. We treat all of our heartworm positive so they can go home healthy

$800 = some dogs need extra healing and this will pay for an orthopedic surgery

$1000 = accidents and emergencies can be life threatening and we treat every dog with the highest level of veterinary care
I attended an ADR foster information meeting for purely selfish reasons. I wanted another dog but was afraid my dog would not accept another in my house. I thought if I fostered a dog and they didn't get along, the dog would eventually be adopted out so no big deal. Then I got my first foster, met the ADR team, went to an ADR event and I fell in love. This is now my family, my support team, my community. These people give every ounce they have to save a life. They make me want to be a better person, to do more, to save more lives and they make me want to educate more people. This is without a doubt the best organization I have ever seen in action. The extent that these volunteers go to is off all charts. The support that they give to each other is outstanding. I am continually amazed at the changes that they make not only for the dogs but for the families who adopt and the community in general. I've seen the changes in a dog's physical, mental and emotional being. But more than that, I've seen the changes in me. Each dog teaches me something. Each dog touches my life. I get to be Santa Clause all year long. I give the best home to a deserving dog and the best dog to a deserving family. It's an amazing gift to give.
ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER or DONATE. IT TAKES A VILLAGE and this is a fantastic village.
Kathie Hannahs

Its difficult to put into words of what a high level organization ADR is. From board members to coordinators to fosters to volunteers, when dealing with ADR, you soon find you are among professionals who promote the well-being of fur babies like no other. When we were ready to adopt, we fortunately found out about ADR and in 2013, Tucker came into our lives and stole our hearts. I saw how much this organization loves these babies and how dedicated they are to rescuing and finding homes for them. They are truly passionate about what they do and that is very evident in their commitment of rescue, education and the health and well being of each foster.

When you are placed with a dog from ADR, you know that they have thoroughly vetted them, the foster mom or dad and the client and it feels like a privilege to be selected by them as parents. After adopting Tucker, ADR continued to be a part of lives, as the one that did our home check, Megan Gotta, became our doggy day care at her business. Not only is she with ADR, but works in search and rescue and is cream of the crop in dog training and boarding. She is a rock star in my opinion. Anne Ford is another tireless advocate, who, on top of all her other duties with ADR and events, always finds time to quickly, personally message you about any questions you may have or give you guidance or support.

ADR is not just a rescue organization, it is a community of caring animal lovers with hearts as big as our fur babies. AND as of yesterday, we just added another ADR fur baby to our family! We would choose no other but ADR. The donations you give literally saves lives every day. They take in animals no one else will and hospitalizations are very costly. The average person, like me, has no idea how expensive it is to provide the ADR level of care to so many in need. I'm sure I would be shocked. If any organization deserves your time and money, it is Austin Dog Rescue

Stephanie Tadlock

I have been an Austin Dog Rescue adopter and donor for over 5 years - we have adopted 4 wonderful dogs from this group and have always had a great experience, both with the fosters and with Joyce the Executive Director. She works long hours to help save innocent lives that are in rural and local shelters. We love what they do and I try to support them in every way possible.
Melinda and Steven Vague

My name is Sharon and I "met" Austin Dog Rescue almost 1 year ago when I became a volunteer. I had recently moved to Wimberley and wanted to help a local rescue group. In researching the many wonderful rescue organizations within Austin and the surrounding areas, I chose ADR because I loved their all foster network approach. In addition, they had a great reputation and following in the community.

Shortly after joining ADR as a volunteer, I decided to adopt a small dog as a companion for my elder English Bulldog. Again, I turned to Austin Dog Rescue to adopt. Throughout the adoption process, the dedication of the adoption coordination team was apparent. They were thorough, ensuring my little guy, Chulo, was coming into a safe environment, but also extremely supportive of me as a new shelter dog adopter, providing me with all the resources I needed to get him acclimated into his new home as easily as possible.

From their rock star foster network, to the support they provide to a variety of municipal shelters throughout the central Texas area, to the incredible adoption events they sponsor throughout the year, the love, dedication and support Austin Dog Rescue shows each and every day not only to the volunteers, but most importantly to every dog that comes through their rescue, is inspiring. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing family of people who have saved and continue to save thousands of special souls who deserve a second chance.

Thank you ADR for everything that you do!!!!
Sharon Hatch

ADR is absolutely wonderful! These loving folks are genuinely passionate about saving the lives of countless shelter dogs, working tirelessly to find them caring forever homes. Their amazing group of fosters go above and beyond to provide much needed love, comfort and a stable environment to abused, neglected and forgotten dogs in order for them to have a second chance to live through adoption. I found my "soul-mutt" through ADR and I'll be forever grateful that someone in their organization saw something special in her and pulled her from the euthanasia list at a local shelter. Thank you ADR for enriching my life in so many ways!
Laura Benedict Scott

I have been involved with Austin Dog Rescue for about a year now. I got involved with them as a foster, and have fostered several dogs that they have been able to rescue from shelters, to get adopted to a forever home. I cannot say enough about the passion, dedication and unbelievable caring that each and every volunteer with this organization has. They are all volunteer, no staff, no one gets paid anything. Some of these people go so far above and beyond to give these animals a fighting chance at a good life, a good home, and love. I am amazed every day by their commitment and the lengths they will go to in order to save animals. I can't recommend this nonprofit enough. They make every dollar they raise go so far. Lean and very impactful organization.
Shelley Seale
An anonymous funder has offered a $25,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating animal care and services organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
We are always looking for awesome people to join our pack! Volunteers are needed for events, weekend foster sitting, fostering a dog, and many behind the scenes positions. Check us out at to learn more.