Austin Civic Orchestra

Amplify Day Goal: $7,500.00

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Help Me Celebrate ACO's 40th Anniversary!

by Melissa Vauk

I have been playing bassoon with the ACO since 1998! To say that this group has become a kind of second family for me would be an understatement! I look forward to Tuesday nights and making music with wonderful people every single week! I have also served as the treasurer for the orchestra for almost all of the years that I've been with the ACO, so I KNOW how expensive our concerts can be! :-)

Please consider making a donation to help us continue to produce wonderful musical experiences for the people of Austin. My goal is $1,977, which is the year in which this wonderful organization came to be! Thank you!

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Goal: $1,977.00

The ACO Go! Team

by Madeline Warner

Help keep great orchestral music accessible to everyone in Austin! The Austin Civic Orchestra plays all the hits, new and old, at unbeatable prices ($0-15). We are local musicians who volunteer our time to make music together, for YOU. Your support keeps tickets affordable, and keeps us in the best venues in Austin so that our performances are the highest quality for both our live audience and the CD listeners at home.

Playing in the ACO and serving on its board of directors has been an integral part of my life and identity in Austin. Its success and growth would not be achieved or meaningful without our audience to support us. Thank you for letting me play my oboe with these wonderful people!

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Goal: $500.00