Austin Civic Orchestra

Organizational Overview

Austin Civic Orchestra
PO Box 27132
Austin, 78655

Mission Statement

We like to say that we've been in tune with Austin since 1977.

For 40 years, the Austin Civic Orchestra (ACO) has brought together professional and non-professional musicians to deliver refreshing musical experiences to the community. Our repertoire consists of diverse styles to suit a wide variety of musical tastes - from traditional classics to pops, and everything in between. Like Austin, our concerts are relaxed, eclectic, and open to residents and tourists alike.

In order to thrive, classical music must change and grow with the times. ACO is expanding our outreach in the following ways:

• To attract new audiences, we're performing new compositional works and featuring young new artists.
• Thanks to our donors, we're giving free admission to patrons 18 and under. As a result, 20% of our audiences are now made up of this new group of classical music aficionados!
• In partnership with the Austin Creative Art Center, we're hosting the first "Paint to Music" contest for K-12 students. To enter, students submit artwork inspired by Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony.

Impact Statement

Over the past year, Austin Civic Orchestra:

• Brought together 85 professional and non-professional musicians from every corner of Austin.
• Performed eight concerts for 3,500 spectators from around the state of Texas. (Including two FREE concerts at Zilker Hillside Theater!)
• Offered free admission to children and youth under 18.
• Collaborated with local musicians, vocalists, and conductors including: Michelle Schumann (Austin Chamber Music Center), Brian Lewis (UT Austin), Kenny Shepherd (Southwestern University), Suzi Stern, and Harvey Pittel.

Needs Statement

Help us celebrate our 40-year anniversary!

On average, it costs $7,500 to produce a single concert -- and ticket sales only cover 20% of these expenses. This is intentional! We don't want cost to be a barrier for you and your family to experience great classical music.

During Amplify Austin, we invite you to give toward the production of an ACO concert. Your gift will help cover the costs of renting a venue, marketing and promotion, purchasing/renting musical scores, recording the show, and transporting equipment.

**In honor of our 40-year anniversary, our Top 40 donors will be entered to win 4 season tickets for our next concert season!**

All Amplify Austin donors will receive special recognition in our current season programs.

"ACO is doing interesting things in the arts. Its innovative programming adds to the rich tapestry of Austin's music scene."
- Jessica Mathaes, Concertmaster of the Austin Symphony

"The quality of the ACO musical experience and the passion that Dr. Ferrari inspires in her musicians is exciting to hear and watch. I have to admit -- I feel a little guilty paying only $10 for a ticket! Glad they accept donations." - Gail Gajewski, patron
Ushers help set the stage for a great concert experience. They are the first people to greet our patrons and the last to see them leave. They also have the opportunity to hear ACO concerts for free while volunteering!

Usher duties include:
• Selling and collecting tickets
• Distributing programs/Collecting discarded programs
• Directing patrons to their seats
• Setting up refreshments
• Collecting audience surveys

Open to anyone with a friendly smile and great customer service skills. Contact Aurel at for more information.