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William Mosing Center

William's Community School is a small non-profit school and relies on generous donations to provide individualized education to students with a range of developmental disabilities. Please consider donating to this incredible place of learning! WCS has a goal to raise $40,000 and Amplify Austin is matching up to $10,000 so your donation goes twice as far.

Williams Community School is fundraising for the following:
1. replacing 2 leaking air conditioning units
2. purchasing equipment for therapy rooms
3. funding a portable/modular home to expand the school capacity and programs
4. carpet for motor room walls
5. expanding speech/OT therapy programs
6. increasing benefits for teachers

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Emma Grimes

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Donated so far: Stephanie and Rick Gravel  |  Katarina Lincalis  |  Harrison  |  Andrea Grimes
Creator: Emma Grimes
Goal: $500.00
Raised: $400.95