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American Gateways champions the dignity and human rights of refugees and immigrant survivors of persecution, torture, conflict, and human trafficking through exceptional immigration legal services, education, and advocacy.

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Phone Number: 512-478-0546
Address: 314 East Highland Mall Blvd. Suite 501
Austin, TX 78752
2016 was a busy year for American Gateways! We celebrated a number of significant pro bono victories, including several asylum wins, expanded services to include Waco and McLennan County, and started a new legal program to provide education and assistance to unrepresented respondents at the San Antonio Immigration Court. We also became proud members of the Texas Here to Stay Coalition and have been working tirelessly to offer training and one-one-one consultations to immigrants throughout Austin.

This year, American Gateways need your help more than ever. As attacks on immigrants and refugees increase, we stand ready to support our immigrant community with educational resources and outstanding legal services. Your support ensures that we can continue to advocate for our clients and for the rights of immigrants everywhere!

Impact Statement

Founded in 1987 as the Political Asylum Project of Austin by attorneys and community leaders, today American Gateways is among the most effective and efficient non-profit providers of immigration legal services in the nation. Our clients are asylum seekers, survivors of human trafficking, crime and abuse, DREAMers, families seeking reunification, and long-term residents facing deportation. We are also the only non-profit in Texas to provide services at four immigration detention centers, providing legal orientations, Know-Your-Rights presentations, pro se assistance, and pro bono representation on a weekly.In 2016, we closed more than 1,000 cases and provided services and assistance to more than 10,000 people in detention.

Needs Statement

Our dedicated staff of 24 attorney and paralegals works to assist as many individuals as possible and served over 1,000 people in 2016. Despite this, the need for legal services for low-income immigrants in central Texas continues to grow. With the increase of family detention in central Texas and the growing number of asylum seekers fleeing violence in their home country, we are unable to serve more people without additional resources. Our Austin office continues to turn away as many as 100 cases with merit each month simply due to lack of resources. Your donation will allow us to serve more people in 2017 than we did in 2016 and ensure that the fundamental rights of all immigrants in our community are respected and protected.
"Very accommodating and friendly staff. I feel very important and my dignity as a woman has been restored and I feel my self-worth. Keep up the good work and God will bless you and the American Gateways staff more. More Power!"
(Anonymous VAWA visa recipient) (12/07/2007)

"Les agradezco con todo mi coraz
We're always looking for attorney and non-attorney volunteers to help with pro bono cases, interpreting, document translation, and administrative support.