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As many of you know Elias isn't able to be educated in the public school system, so he attends a private school for children with Autism, Williams Community School. A school were he is safe, treated like a little boy with endless potential, and because of that he is thriving. When I say thriving, I mean more than the fact that he's finally enjoying school, I mean he's at or above grade level in all subjects. Having a special needs child is a lot of things, it's joy and pain and gratitude and advocacy and it's also exhausting both emotionally and financially. Every family at his school pays over $3,000 a month to send their child to Williams and with the exception of a few families, most are middle class or working class and have made sacrifices to be able to afford the tuition. Please help me raise $500 to contribute to the schools fund for 2x new AC units that are desperately needed before summer rolls around and brings months of 100+ temps.
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