All Blind Children of Texas

Organizational Overview

All Blind Children of Texas
1100 W. 45th Street
Austin, 78756

Mission Statement

All Blind Children of Texas will be a resource for the optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social development of all blind children in Texas. ABCTX encourages Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI's) to create opportunities for their students so that they may experience events and activities that will deepen their knowledge of the world. These programs follow the Expanded Core Curriculum of skills that provide hands-on instruction in specific areas such as recreation, fine arts, social skills, assistive technology, orientation & mobility, career education, parent support and a wide variety of sports. WE AMPLIFY THE EXPERIENCES OF BLIND STUDENTS IN TEXAS!!!

Here are some of the programs ABCTX funded with your help in 2015-16. Please help us continue with programs like this in 2017.
Yogurt shop social Eagle Mountain /Saginaw
White Cane Day Sponsor, providing clown, climbing wall and bounce house -Austin
Bring Your Boss to Work Day -TSBVI Outreach
Sports Extravaganza family scholarships
Sponsor 3 students to Lone Star Goalball Classic Tournament - San Antonio
Help Kidz Learn online program - ESC Region 10
Breakfast & Bowling - Harlingen
VI Art Exhibit - Brownsville
Weaving Arts Social Grayson/Sherman/Fannin Coop
Ft. Worth ISD Annual VI Spring Family Picnic
Elementary ECC Fun Day - Northside San Antonio
Region One Braille Challenge - Edinburg
Texas Chargers Retreat
Critter Capades farm visit - McKinney
Camp Abilities - Denton/TWU
Raspberry Pi Computer Kits - TSBVI Summer Program
Camp Rock On - El Paso
Cam Independence Splash - Nacogdoches
Camp Teen Challenge - Waco, ESC Region 12
Camp Villa - Abilene
Drama cast & crew t-shirts - TSBVI
Heard Museum - McKinney
ECC Summer Camps - Tomball
O&M Travel Camp - Fort Worth
Beginning Braille Music - Round Rock
Purchase of Goalball equipment for LaVernia ISD
iTouch Self Defense for VI and Blind Students - Round Rock ISD
Visit to Chestnut Square and Hugs Cafe - McKinney
Boardwalk Christmas Excursion - Cass County Shared Svcs Arrangement
Super Hero Saturday at Morgan's Wonderland - Edgewood ISD/Region 20

Impact Statement

Think about how you learn new things - you observe what is going on around you and model your behavior. Blind children need a hands-on experiential approach to learning, and ABCTX funds programs that give those experiences to blind students throughout Texas based on Expanded Core Curriculum for Visually Impaired Students (ECC). This is an additional curriculum of skills that includes learning experiences unique to blind children who often cannot learn from observation alone. The eight areas of the ECC skills are compensatory tactile and auditory modes, social interaction, recreation and leisure, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, career education and visual efficiency.

Needs Statement

All Blind Children of Texas (ABCTX) is in need of funds year round to support the Expanded Core Curriculum for Visually Impaired Students (ECC). Our goal is to provide blind children with educational, recreational, and artistic experiences they would not receive without the financial help we can give. Without this help, teachers would have to pay for many ECC learning experiences out of their own pocket, or not do them at all. Each year we receive requests for assistance with several specialized summer camps, group outings, and opportunities for individual student needs. Texas has a special event in Dallas called Sports Extravaganza, where blind students from around the state compete in sports events, often for the first time in their lives. Many parents get to see their blind children compete in sports, just like their sighted children compete at their local schools, because ABCTX provides funds for the families to travel to and stay overnight in Dallas. It is a special time for both parents and students to cheer and be cheered for. With your help we will continue to grow and serve more blind children and their families throughout the state of Texas.

(From a parent of a blind child) "I would like to thank you on behalf of my entire family for your generosity in providing us financial assistance to attend the Sports Extravaganza a week ago which was sufficient to cover our lodging and gas expense…I pray that we will continue to be able to participate in this event for many years to come, motivate my son to continue his pursuit for excellence as well as exceptional sportsmanship, and make it a part of our annual family tradition. Thank you for your consideration and support!"

Getting the Goal Ball grant has forever changed La Vernia ISD's way of including visually impaired students in physical education classes as well as given these students an opportunity for recreation and leisure activites to participate in. Hearing these kids say "Mrs. Nash, you mean I finally get to participate in a sport that was designed for kids like me." just shows the impact this grant has had on these kids lives. The joy in their faces while participating in this activity shows how much they truly enjoyed the activity and felt part of something and gave them a sense of belonging. Since we kicked off goal ball in the district the physical education teachers use this once a week as a class activity and all kids (sighted and non-sighted) truly love this activity.

ABCTX funded a pizza party for visually impaired students in a small south Texas town who had the same itinerant VI teacher but did not know each other as they were going to different school. The teacher reported, "One of the big benefits from the local trips was that one of my 10th graders had never been away from home before but agreed to go to a short-term program with two of my other students. All three boys had a great experience and the student who had never been away from home or flown before is looking forward to going on another trip to Austin." All Blind Children of Texas believes that this student's life was changed forever - he overcame his fear of leaving home, took his first ride in an airplane, learned he could be independent, made new friends and maybe changed the way his life will go forward.
Amount: $1,000
Sponsored By: Mike & Christine Golden

Will match the first $1,000 donated to All Blind Children of Texas