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AKA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational organization whose purpose is to foster understanding of adoption issues and to serve as a resource to people whose lives are touched by adoption, the professionals who work with them, and the general public. AKA is supported by membership dues and contributions.

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IRS EIN: 74-2610866
Phone Number: 512-553-0252
Address: PO Box 4082
Austin, TX 78765
Our goal this year is to raise $2,500 to help pay for the rising costs of putting on a quality, professionally relevant adoption conference in the Austin area. Our organization also needs to be equipped to handle this century's technical advances for our members without interruption of service delivery.

Impact Statement

Although only 2% of the U.S. population is adopted, 65% has a connection to adoption. Our services are integral to our cultural landscape and well-being.

Needs Statement

50% of the money raised will go toward our conference production. The remainder will be used to improve our tech infrastructure (website, office equipment, etc.).
"AKA gave me a voice when no one could hear me. They gave me the strength and motivation to find my past and heal the present. They have opened the secrets and lies and gave power to the truth. We ALL matter (birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents) We can learn from each other in an open healthy safe environment. Together we are the woven triangle of love."
-Karen, Birth parent & Adoptee in reunion

"My heart is filled with gratitude to every volunteer educational speaker, every adoptee, every birth parent and every adoptive parent whose courage in sharing their stories at AKA has provided the knowledge I've needed to better manage my own. I've learned to be a more empathetic, more attuned parent with skills developed as a result of advice and information I may never have known existed. AKA blends the best evidence based science from leading experts with the power of peer-based, practical, firsthand experience to create a greater awareness of and appreciation for the ongoing and tender complexities adoption entails. AKA is a personal connection with real, sometimes critical resources to help at every turn, and friends who understand why it's challenging. The sense of unity that being part of a true community brings is invaluable to us. I owe you all a debt I can only repay by continuing to share your wisdom with my daughter, honoring and respecting her truth, and supporting her with love from every side of her family. Thank you to all the donors who make this forum possible! We are a stronger family because of you!"
-Dawn, Adoptive parent

"Each time I attend an AKA meeting, I'm wishing my colleagues were also gaining the awareness of just how profound these issues are for each party touched by adoption."
- Adoption professional

"When I was beginning to think about searching, it was so helpful to hear birth mothers at AKA talk about their feelings, through the years, about the children they had placed for adoption."
- Birth parent
Google Fiber has offered a $10,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating education organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
AKA is a volunteer-run non-profit organization, which means we need you! Our volunteer opportunities vary greatly in time commitment, so there are tasks and assignments that fit everyone's schedule. Whichever the opportunity you choose, you will be rewarded by spending time with friendly and fun individuals in Austin, all working to improve adoption and foster care practices in Central Texas and beyond. AKA is a very unique organization because it serves all members of the adoption triad (birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted people) as well as their friends and family, and the professionals who work with them. AKA gives people touched by adoption a place to come together to support each other and to learn from one another. Since almost two out of three people are touched by adoption, think of all the people AKA helps! If you aren't a member of the triad or an adoption professional but you have an adopted cousin, a friend who is a birthfather, a neighbor who adopted a child or you are just looking for a great non-profit organization to support - WE NEED YOU! Visit our website for a list of volunteer opportunities. Most of the jobs can be split among several people, so feel free to take the part of the job that most appeals to you. We hope you consider donating some of your valuable time to AKA; it will be time well spent.