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The American Honey Bee Protection Agency serves to pollinate minds and convey the importance of saving wild honey bees from extinction.

AHBPA educates Texas communities on the absolutely vital role the feral honey bees play in our ecosystem. We rescue, relocate, and provide bees, fight the use of pesticides and the causes of colony collapse disorder with various programs and legislation, and work with different entities to incorporate the wild honey bee into urban environments that has replaced their natural homes.

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IRS EIN: 46-3744257
Phone Number: 480-278-4138
Address: 6500 Tracor Ln Building 26
Austin, TX 78725
We have a stellar team in place that's ready to take on this next Bee Season head on!! We are in the process of developing two more rooftop apiaries in large-scale commercial structure to integrate the wild honey bee into urban contexts, we have school projects ahead to pollinate the minds of our youth on the need for the honey bee, as well as environmental and pollination conservation, we are rolling out, on a larger scale, beekeeping programs to help veterans suffering from PTSD. We've also been updating our current systems for bee removals and co-op programs and showing through action that it is very much possible to BEE the Change and BEE an Inspiration.

Impact Statement

At AHBPA, we are literally saving the world by saving the wild honey bees. The honey bee is crucial to our ecosystem health and necessary for human survival - without them, we would perish.

Misinformation and lack of true information has led some people to believe that the bees are making a comeback or are not in as much danger of extinction as they once were. This is simply not true. The feral honey bee is still very much at risk of extinction and now more than ever, we truly need to care if the human race has a hope of true survival.

In efforts to combat colony collapse disorder (CCD), most traditional beekeepers turned to the commercialized process of mass-producing honey bees. The answer to saving the dwindling population of honey bees is not merely to breed more, however.

Wild bees are capable of foraging for themselves, and only the strong survive, producing healthier colonies and natural pollinators for the planet. Commercial bees, on the other hand, cannot forage for themselves, meaning they must always be tended to, and typically they are fed high fructose corn syrup, rather than the nectar of flowers and vegetation. Additionally, commercial bees do not follow the laws of natural selection, leading to sick bees being bred, and as much as 90% of commercial bee colonies dying off each season. It is our hope to inform the general public about the importance of wild honey bees in our ecosystem.

It is a myth for individuals to believe that merely because they live in urban or suburban environments they cannot partake in the mission of saving wild bees and we are out to prove that. While as a whole, AHBPA encourages environmental conservation for all the beautiful nectar collectors, we also realize the necessity and ecologically friendly impact of bringing the wild bees back to places taken over by human infrastructure. Focusing on the integration of wild bees in urban environments, we serve to protect one of the worlds most important species, while bringing the magic of wild honey bees to the city.

Needs Statement

Any donations help us provide pro-bono bee rescue services to those who are unable to make donations and continue in the fostering of more, healthy wild bees!

Beyond that, your donation helps us to:

>Purchase the many necessary tools to perform bee rescues

>Host interactive educational events at schools across Texas about the importance of the wild honey bee, what its like to be a beekeeper, and how the issues of environmental and pollination conservation can be addressed by anyone of any age.

>Supports the expansion of our PTSD programs for veterans that deal with both gardening and beekeeping; gardening which has been shown to lower levels of stress and increase levels of serenity and beekeeping which requires mindfulness and presence, things shown in scientific research and our experience to help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

>Expand our non-profit to serve homeowners outside of just the beautiful state of Texas, as we get calls from across the country
'AHBPA is a gem of a non-profit providing the best services to not only bees, but to mankind as well.'

-Jon Ray, Author & Entrepreneur
An anonymous funder has offered a $25,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating animal care and services organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
Coming into the Spring season, as the weather warms up and bees can safely leave their hives to forage for food,

As the weather warms up coming into the Spring season, bees will soon be able to leave their hives safely to conduct their never-ending work of pollination and honey creation. During this time until next winter, we will be conducting a great amount of bee rescue and relocations, hosting a variety of non-profit events geared towards education and inspiration, holding tasting demonstrations with our honey to help inform individuals on the difference between wild and commercial bees, and why we must save the feral honey bee from extinction, as well as conducting many other projects. We are seeking volunteers for all of the above, in addition to people who would like to volunteer in spreading the word on our mission or who would like to partner with us in events, benefits, adopting hives, co-branding honey for sale to help us continue our pro-bono rescue and relocation of unwanted feral honey bees, and the like.

The American Honey Bee Protection Agency loves to get creative, so if you have any other ideas or skills that you would like to contribute or think would be valuable, we always love input!