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AFSSA promotes abuse-free Asian communities through advocacy, support, awareness and access to social services.

Our programs include intervention and counseling services, educational programs, and community-based initiatives and advocacy.

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IRS EIN: 74-2675273
Phone Number: 512-949-5949
Address: PO Box 14234
Austin, TX 78761
AFSSA proudly serves immigrant and refugee survivors of violence that come to us from the Asian diaspora. As increasing geopolitical conflict drives more people from their homelands, we will serve them also.

Beginning in 1992, we've been the steward of thousands of stories from the Asian community. Amongst the stories of tragedy, sexual assault, and domestic violence, we also have the privilege of seeing unbelievable resilience, strength, and hope. Our clients are amazing, strong women and children who have come to AFSSA seeking freedom from violence and a better life.

Given the geo-political uncertainty of 2017, we expect a growing number of sexual assault survivors accessing our services. In anticipation, we are mobilizing our staff and the community, rolling up our sleeves to shore up some of our programs in the following ways:

Impact Statement

Austin's Asian community currently makes up almost 7% of the city's total population, and is the single fastest growing demographic in the region. Despite this, there is a lack of specialized social services meeting the needs of these diverse immigrant communities. Many Asians are also less likely to seek help from mainstream service agencies due to cultural, language, and institutional barriers. AFSSA exists to break down these barriers. We are flexible and sensitive to the complex needs of immigrant survivors, and we offer long-term support throughout their journey toward a life free form violence.

Needs Statement

$25- Provides culturally specific meals for a mother and child for three days

$ 50- helps a mother and child find safe refuge at a motel to escape
abuse when shelters are full

$ 100- Helps 10 mothers obtain weekly bus passes so they can get to work

$ 250- Provides interpreters for 10 survivors seeking help on the helpline

$ 500- provides outreach information to 2,000 community members

$1000- provides therapeutic counseling for one full year
"Coming to AFSSA is like coming home"

"To me, AFSSA means freedom from constant fear"

"AFSSA is like a bright star in a dark sky. It brightens the way to freedom, independence and success for my family and me."
Hotline volunteers - 40 hours of training required
Interpreters and translators - 40 hours of training required