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I got involved with Austin Creative Reuse as I was looking for a local non-profit that helps divert material from the landfill. I have so many friends who ask me what to do with some specifics items they'd like to donate, that I was glad to finally find an answer for them for items like office supplies, craft items, fabric, notion, the list goes on and on.
As I started volunteering at Austin Creative Reuse, I also realized that ACR is doing more than just giving material a second chance. It's also a place that brings like-minded people together, educate the community on how to reuse material, even offers FREE artist-led workshops, and hopefully ultimately, gets people to think differently.
Currently, our center is quite small which limits the goods we can make available, so, by helping us raise money thru Amplify Austin, you'll help us divert more material from the landfill and offer more services to the community.
Thank you for considering Austin Creative Reuse for your donation.

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Amount: $100.00
Provider: personal
Details: I will match the first $100 donated thru my page

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