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To promote and facilitate opportunities for experiential learning.

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IRS EIN: 74-2901176
Phone Number: 512-799-3088
Address: P.O.Box 66124
Austin, TX 78766-6124
In 2016-2017 school year, ACCESS to Learning, Inc. has offered Field Trip Scholarships for $200. each to 10 Austin-Area schools. We hope, through Amplify Austin 2017, we can double the Field Trip Scholarships to offer 20 field trips for the 2017-2018 school year. Our organization believes strongly that collaboration between schools and cultural and educational sites provide an excellent opportunity for learning. Through student field trips, that are curriculum-based, students are provided experiential learning lessons which will give students increased opportunities to enhance their learning beyond the classroom.

Through further donations, ACCESS to Learning, Inc, will be able to provide more opportunities to promote and facilitate more opportunities for experiential learning at cultural and educational sites through field trips, traveling exhibits to schools and solar classroom lessons, for teachers and their students.

Thank you for your support of ACCESS to Learning, Inc.
Dr. Donna Love Vliet
ACCESS to Learning, Inc.

Impact Statement

ACCESS to Learning, Inc. collaborates with museums/cultural & educational sites to develop educational resources directly aligned to school curriculum standards. Significant educational outcomes can be provided for students and teachers alike, using these rich community resources.

Needs Statement

ACCESS to Learning, Inc. receives funding primarily through sponsors, donors and grants. We have a very limited budget and in order for our organization to become a more significant educational collaborator, we need to raise both our profile and our monetary resources.
This year we have been able to provide 10 scholarship to schools for field trips. Our hope is that for the next school year (2017-2018), through Amplify Austin 2017, we will be able to provide 20 scholarships! Also, we are included in the PSA training this year, offered by The Austin Film Society (via Amplify Austin 2017), and through this, hope to become more visible.
4 Testimonials about ACCESS to Learning, Inc.

1. Fifth grade student writes, after the School Solar Car Lesson:
"It was so nice of you to come and it was totally awesome-you made my day the best. It was awesome because we learned about solar energy and solar cars was a fun project. When I grow up I want to do the same thing. I was surprised my class was talking about it the whole day. My question is: Where did you study this engineering job and did you learn that fast? I learned really important stuff about the sun. Thanks so much."

2. First grade teacher remarks after their class field trip to Natural Bridge Caverns:
"Thank you so much for helping provide our students with the opportunity to experience the many wonders of our Earth!!! They completely enjoyed themselves and were such good little scientists and explorers. With your help again, we hope to provide the same experience for next year's first graders!"

3. School curriculum manager, Bullock Texas State History Museum, states:
"ACCESS to Learning. Inc. allows teachers across Austin to connect with local museums in a multitude of ways, such as museum field trips and professional development opportunities. This organization works with individual teachers to build the best curricular-based experiences possible. In one instance, this organization provided an interdisciplinary, hands-on professional development experience, for art teachers at a history museum!"

4. School librarian reports, after displaying The Dust Bowl Exhibit (created by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities) in the school library:
"I would say that the 5th graders have found the exhibit more interesting, in part because in the fall they read the Bluebonnet Award Nominated Book: The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown and also because their teacher read them The Dust Bowl: A Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur. This interactive adventure book uses a couple of the same photographs that are in the exhibit, which the students thought were really "cool."