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4-H CAPITAL inspires youth to develop into inquiring scientists, citizens of character, partners in service, and engaged community members through participation in project-based learning experiences and collaborative community involvement.

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IRS EIN: 74-2718208
Website: http://www.4-hcapital.org
Phone Number: 512-854-9131
Address: 1600 B Smith Rd
Austin, TX 78721
4-H CAPITAL is strengthening our school day presence by expanding programming into school-day hours and working with our sites to further integrate into the day-to-day environment. Additionally, we are developing new programming with the focused intention of raising students' "science capital," a foundational familiarity with, comfort toward, and exposure to science.

Impact Statement

4-H CAPITAL measures changes in academic engagement of youth in our afterschool and summer-camp programs. We seek to improve the following for each youth:

Interest in learning
Relationship with peers
Connection between school and future
Persistence in solving problems
Active participation
Appreciation of science
Confidence in learning science
Interest in pursuing science careers

Needs Statement

We are in need of money to purchase supplies for our science activities. We are in most desperate need of supplementary food supplies for our cooking and gardening classes. We also need money for additional training and support costs for our AmeriCorps instructors and volunteers.
"In engineering it's really fun seeing the kids working with their hands to reach an end goal and figure out solutions to problems that occur." - Bonnie M, AmeriCorps member

"This curriculum is fantastic for those interested in hands-on, project based learning. Students learn more than just animal science but also develop a strong sense of confidence as they take responsibility for another living thing and watch the goats grow under their care." Brigitte M, AmeriCorps member

"Animal science is a very unique curriculum in that it allows students to be involved in a huge spectrum of learning, from psychology and behavior to teaching students about citizenship and responsibility." Brennon S, 2nd year AmeriCorps member

"I love teaching 2nd graders about gardening because they get really excited about eating the vegetables they grew. Also the kids are more apt to get involved in learning about plants needs and processes, like photosynthesis!" -Maggie H., AmeriCorps member

"I teach youth gardening, with a Unit Plan emphasis on the living/organic aspects of a garden… the above and below ground critters involved in the garden, materials (compost, mulch) that were once living or come from something living, and obviously the plants themselves! I love being able to teach outdoors, interact with nature, and get my hands dirty - and so do the kids!" - Sally B., AmeriCorps member

"We want to arm our students with the knowledge and the power to become stewards of the earth and to have the confidence that they too, can make a difference." Natalie E, 2014-2015 AmeriCorps member
Google Fiber has offered a $10,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating education organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
We are always looking for guest speakers for our classes. We are interested in engaging with any professionals that use science in their careers or hobbies. We are in particular need of volunteers with minority status or from limited resources populations. We are also looking for new advisory board members.