3 Day Startup

Amplify Day Goal: $5,000.00

Organizational Overview

3 Day Startup
701 Brazos St
Austin, Texas 78701

Mission Statement

3 Day Startup's mission is to activate entrepreneurial potential in students of all kinds through experiential education and a global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Impact Statement

Since beginning in 2008, 3 Day Startup has provided hands-on entrepreneurial experience to over 11,000 students in 30 countries across 6 continents. Nearly 100 3DS alumni have gone on to launch startups raising over $85m in funding.

Needs Statement

All money raised through Amplify Austin will go first towards supporting a 3DS program in partnership with DivInc, Austin's first pre-accelerator for women- and minority-led startups. This program will give students and community members in the Austin area the opportunity to participate in our experiential 3-day program, meet successful entrepreneurs from the community, and learn how to start their own company.

"My experience was life changing and I am never going to think the same again!! & I am so grateful for 3DS!" - La'Shelle B, San Antonio, TX

"It's been a few days now since I attended 3DS at NAIT and I still can't help but think about it now and then; the event has had a lasting, positive and profound impact on me which I'm sure will not go away anytime soon... From start to finish, the learning never stopped!" - Jethray T, Edmonton, Canada

"Awesome experience. The missing link between real world entrepreneurialism and academia. Fun and high energy, I cant think of a better way to spend a weekend!" - Karyn B, Queensland, Australia

Carma's 3 Day Startup Fundraiser

by carma austin

3 Day Startup is a non-profit that teaches students how to think like an entrepreneur. During each program, the students create and build their own company from concept to pitch. These programs foster growth and long term success in students of all types and regardless of whether they go on to start a business in the future or not, they will be more successful having had this experience. Your donation to this fund helps another student learn these valuable lessons at no cost.

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Goal: $500.00

Cam's 3 Day Startup Fundraiser

by Cam Houser

3 Day Startup helped me find my calling is the single most impactful way I'm able to make positive change in the world.

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Goal: $500.00